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A photo of Evelyn Brent (1895-1975) - Film and stage actress was born as "Mary Elizabeth Riggs" on 20 October 1895 in Syracuse, New York to parents Arthur Riggs and Eleanor Warner. In 1914 she got a job as an extra at the World Film Studio in Fort Lee, New Jersey and was selected for a debut in "The Shooting of Dan McGrew" released on 2 May 1915.

By 1919 Betty Riggs is listed in the Motion Picture Studio Directory and Trade Annual as "Evelyn Brent". Later that year she sailed for London and appeared in a few films in Europe. She also appeared on the London stage in a comedy by George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950). She was back in New York to marry her first husband, movie executive Bernard Powell Fineman (1895-1971) in November 1922. The couple divorced in 1927.

After marrying her second husband Harry John Edwards (1887-1952) in November 1928 at Tijuana, Mexico, she transitioned into the "talkies", though the parts she was given were increasingly secondary roles. She appeared in fewer films throughout the 1930s and 1940s. No longer in demand by the major studios, she continued to appear in lower budget films. Evelyn Brent's third marriage in 1948 was to vaudevillian Harry Fox (1882-1959) (real name - Harry Messman or Arthur Carringford), a comedian who was known as being the dancing inspiration for Harry Fox's Trot (foxtrot).

Evelyn Brent made her last film in 1950. Throughout her 35 years in the industry she is credited with appearing in no less than 126 films. In her later years she worked for the Thelma White Talent Agency in Hollywood. She died 4 June 1975 aged 79 and is buried in Mission Hills, Los Angeles, California.

additional information:

The Western Association of Motion Picture Advertisers (WAMPAS) in 1923 elected Evelyn Brent as one of their "Baby Stars". She appeared in one television show, a 1960 episode of "Wagon Train".
Date & Place: Unknown
Oct 20, 1895 - Jun 4, 1975 1895 - 1975
Age: ?
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Ancient Faces commented
For some reason, a little glamor from the past seems appropriate today. Actress Evelyn Brent (1895 - 1975) in her heyday. She *was* a beauty.
Nov 02, 2020 · Reply
Joy Midkiff Alba commented
That is the most beautiful example of the classic resting b face I've ever seen.
Nov 02, 2020 · Reply
Cindy Cisco Mason commented
You made me giggle & I agree. ??
Nov 02, 2020 ·
Joy Midkiff Alba commented
Cindy Cisco Mason She reminds me of Doctor Who's Donna's "I'm unbothered" skit.

SHE, is COMPLETELY unbothered.
Nov 02, 2020 ·
David Maroney commented
Spot on
Nov 02, 2020 ·
Melanie Sands commented
Joy Midkiff Alba I don't think so at all. She is looking dreamily into the distance , and thinking about... Well, she is supposed to look like she is thinking about sex, but she is probably thinking about a new dress or a piece of chocolate cake.
Nov 03, 2020 ·
Teri Miller commented
love her dress
Nov 02, 2020 · Reply
Linda Woody commented
Prior to the 1970s, most Actresses wore very stylish designer clothing both on and off screen. Studio system where the ladies all were immaculately coiffed, wore a lot of high quality make-up and jewels. Some was gifted by the studios, some was purchased and a lot of the clothing and make-up was comped by the manufacturer and designer.
Nov 02, 2020 · Reply
Cindy Cisco Mason commented
She’s beautiful.
Nov 02, 2020 · Reply
Susan Jacobsen commented
And such a lovely gown..
Nov 02, 2020 · Reply
No?l Briggs commented
She was stunningly beautiful. ??
Nov 02, 2020 · Reply
Just beautiful! So glamorous!
Nov 02, 2020 · Reply
Ian Standing commented
Proof you can look stunning and glamourise without looking like a tramp!
Nov 03, 2020 · Reply
Betty Burton commented
Stars in those days were so stylish.n lovely.
Nov 03, 2020 · Reply
Marci Sturgis commented
She’s lovely
Nov 03, 2020 · Reply
Ann Weagle commented
Reminds me of my Mom
Nov 03, 2020 · Reply
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