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Our Shared Mission

We believe that Everyone Deserves to be Remembered (EDtbR) and it is up to each of us to show & tell their story on AncientFaces.
AncientFaces Roots in Genealogy

As we celebrate 20 years as a free community in 2020, join the mission to remember & share the lives of the people who matter to you. Through storytelling & sharing their lives, we connect each other every day with the past, present, and future.

AncientFaces is your place to remember the people in your life through building biographies. Show & tell who these people really are by sharing your photos & stories about them.

By sharing what you know, you'll find that others care as well. Friends, immediate family, & distant relatives will add their memories. By working together, we remember those important to us.

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The Modern Faces of AncientFaces

The AncientFaces community is you and millions of others who understand the importance of remembering & sharing the lives of those people close to us. When you share on AncientFaces you join the EDtbR Mission to make sure that the people from your lives are always remembered. There are fifteen exceptional people who believe strongly in this mission and who dedicate their time, some of us our lives, to building & running the platform, technology, & community that enables all of us to do our part.

Founded in 2000 and based in Silicon Valley, the AncientFaces Team is spread out around the globe. We focus on building the tools we all need, so that together, we can build a biography for every person in recent history.

Curious about who the modern faces behind AncientFaces are? Meet some of the team leads:

Daniel J. Pinna, Founder & Creator

Daniel is the creator of AncientFaces. As of 2020 he has spent half of his life assembling AncientFaces into the place to remember & share the lives of the people who matter to all of us. He can frequently be found working 16-18 hour days shaping AncientFaces into the community deserving of the EDtbR Mission. He serves as CEO and is directly involved with every aspect of AncientFaces from developing technology, building community, systems operations, and broadcasting this important mission to the world. He directly touches everything that makes AncientFaces.

Kathy Pinna, Founder & Content and Community Director

Every memory shared by the community on AncientFaces is reviewed to make sure that they adhere to our Community Standards & Guidelines that makes AncientFaces a place deserving to share the lives of those close to us. That person is Founder Kathy Pinna. Dedicating 20 years of her life to the EDtbR Mission, she has been & continues to be, critical in every step of the evolution of AncientFaces. From initial concept, through countless enhancements & revisions, she guides the AncientFaces Team & Community on the right path. Many long time members know Kathy very well, and her positive impact on the community is appreciated by all of us.

Grace Lionardi, Lead Developer

Grace joined AncientFaces in the 4th quarter of 2016 and quickly went to work understanding the logic behind the code that drives & powers AncientFaces.com. With well over 200 million pages hosted on AncientFaces, and the required tools to manage complex datasets, you might be able to imagine the sheer size & complexity of the AncientFaces code repository. She makes sure AncientFaces runs 24x7 while constantly working on enhancing every aspect of the application. As of 2020 Grace leads our development team of four who are directly accountable for anything you interact with on AncientFaces.

Sean McCarthy, Creative Director & Storyteller

Sean McCarthy lives his life led by his heart, and his heart led him to a lifelong journey developing and applying his skills as a writer, storyteller, director & producer, and to his wife Elizabeth Mitchell. Sean is an award winning filmmaker & the founder of Guerilla Wanderers & Digital Wanderers. His strong belief in the EDtbR Mission led him to AncientFaces where he is directly responsible for broadcasting and spreading our message to the world.

Pam Marks, Founder & Visionary

Pam (Kroetch) Marks lives and breathes genealogy. If you know Pam, she knows your genealogy. In 1999 she envisioned a place where people could share their old family photos - liberating them from shoeboxes and distant relatives - enabling everyone to enjoy these treasures and add to their family trees. Sister to Kathy, and aunt to Daniel, she gathered her family and directed us all down a path that has led to AncientFaces.

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Our Roots in Genealogy

In the mid to late 1990's family historians around the world found a new tool when digitized genealogy records began being made available online. Websites appeared that offered places to share family trees, discover ship manifests, social security & census records, birth, death and marriage certificates, message boards, and more.

In the spring of 1999, the AncientFaces concept was born when Pamela (Kroetch) Marks recognized the need to add old family photos to her family tree. Through sharing old photos, family members - both current and future generations - would be able to add faces to their family tree while preserving these often one of a kind images.

AncientFaces.com was officially launched in 2000 by Founder & Creator Daniel J. Pinna, and his mother, Founder & Community and Content Director Kathy Pinna. Over time, AncientFaces has grown from just a few people with a simple concept that has evolved into a mission shared by millions around the world.

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